CES 2020

“That’s great ! INCREDIBLE ! It’s very nice.
I read twice as fast !”

SILMO 2019

“The lines are more distinct, I feel like I can read better.”

The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

Lexilens featured in The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca !

American Users

Lexilens First Use

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French National TV

Being able to read better changes everything.

“I now have more self-confidence.

I can read but I also find making new friends easier now.

“I used to get tired very quickly when reading.

I can now read for a longer period of time, just like everyone else.

It’s a revolution. It’s useful.”


“She has improved her learning skills, gained confidence and she can finally read novels.

A happy mother

French Users

“I am 51 years old, the letters have always moved around when I was reading

Now they stopped finally stopped,

it’s so unexpected,… it’s FABULOUS !


“My daughter started to read in the evening by herself in her bed.”

“I had stopped hoping for it.”

“It’s impressive,

it’s even overwhelming

a real solution for me to start a new life”

“I really found it incredible but it was real,

I said WOW in my head I could not explain it,

it was really a WOW.”


“I find it easier to read stories to my son

 I now read as well as his mum

the discomfort I had as a child has totally disappeared.”

It was a revelation,

I didn’t have to search for words, I understood what I was reading,

it was great, it required less energy.”

“The first time, I read aloud faster.”

“I feel like all the words are well separated,
it’s much easier to read now.”

“I didn’t think the result would be that quick.”

It’s like day and night.

“I tried them. They are SO good !”

Spanish Users

“Esas gafas me han resultado muy utiles.
Leo con mas eficacia y mas fluidez.”

Polish Users

Z Lexilens, Szkoła jest teraz łatwiejsza.”

“I recommend Lexilens to everybody with dyslexia !”

Arabic National TV

عسر القراءة في كل مكان.

Lexilens هو وسيلة مساعدة للقراءة بسهولة