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Lexilens® is provided with :

  • A signature box
  • An hard case
  • A glass towel
  • An USB-C cable
  • A QuickStart User Guide
  • A prescription add-on clip


YES. Lexilens® was designed using a scientific breakthrough regarding dyslexia and, to date, thousands of users worldwide enjoy reading more easily using Lexilens®.

Check the science page or the testimonials and decide for yourself.


Although Lexilens® eyewear looks like a standard spectacles, its effect on dyslexia does not come from correcting the sight. It rather alters the way the image is processed by the brain (image acquired through the eyes) by using stroboscopic means. These are pulses too fast to be seen by a human being and backed by numerous scientific papers around the world.

For those requiring sight correction also, it can be added to the Lexilens® via a provided clip-on (lenses not provided). Please refer to your local optometrist to install prescription lenses to the provided clip-on.

Immediately: read with less effort, understand while you’re reading
After a while: improvements can include memorization, writing,

If you struggle with dyslexia, you can expect to read more easily, eg with less effort, and understand what you read instantly while reading. As a consequence, you should experience less fatigue and therefore be able to read for an extended period of time.
Effect varies from one person to the other and ranges from Wow to milder effect. To date, we are unable to predict how strongly Lexilens® will enhance your reading ability, so the best is to try for yourself. For this reason, we offer a 30 day money back garantee for every purchase on

Lexilens® declutters the image generated by the brain. As a result, the immediate effect is an easier reading. The second effect is that the information processed by the brain is cleaner and can be stored & retrieved more effectively. The impact on memorization requires a regular use and shows improvement after a few weeks, this delay vayring from one person to the other.

It looks like YES

Dyslexia is a learning disability with many faces. Reasearch is still ongoing and we can’t provide a definitive answer at this stage. Yet many users with different forms of dyslexia confirm the positive impact of Lexilens® on their lives.

A recent survey in France showed a 90% satisfaction of Lexilens® users.

In some specific cases, the results are less spectacular. That’s why we continue research every day to help those affected by a less common form of dyslexia.


Lexilens® is safe to use from several standpoints:

  • Electrical safety : Lexilens® complies with IEC 60601-1: 2005 + CORR. 1:2006 + CORR. 2:2007 + AM1:2012
    (or IEC 60601-1: 2012 reprint)
  • Health safety : Lexilens® complies with CE certification regarding class I Medical Devices standards (Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017 on medical devices, amending Directive 2001/83/EC)

Lexilens® is designed and manufactured with love in France using as much biosourced materials as possible. 3D printed frames use PA11.


We do NOT recommend using Lexilens® if you are subject to epilepsy seizures. Lexilens® relies on stroboscopic effect to ease the reading and, although the stroboscopic frequency used is out the epilepsy range (around 40Hz), we do NOT recommend using Lexilens® in this case.

You need to adjust the speed parameter.

Lexilens® making your reading more difficult is a good news because  it means two things:

  1. Lexilens® is effective on you.
  2. You need to adjust settings on the app.


Lexilens® is compatible with most digital media sources.
To use Lexilens® with a screen, set the screen brightness to the maximum.

WARNING : Most screens have a 45° polarization angle while Lexilens® has a vertical polarization angle, which means you’ll be able to read the screen with Lexilens®. Only some very rare screen models display a horizontal polarization angle, which is non compatible with Lexilens®.


It is possible to add corrective lenses inside Lexilens® frames by adding the provided clip-on. This is a very common system in the optical world, used in particular to display sports glasses. Please refer to your local optometrist to add prescription lenses to your clip-on.

Flickering is caused by some surrounding light types (stroboscopic lights such as neons or some LEDs) interfering with Lexilens stroboscopic effect.
Optimal reading experience requires you avoid such flickering by turning away from this stroboscopic light.

Prefer to use Lexilens® under LED-type lighting rather than neon-type lighting.


Lexilens® does not allow exchange of information and cannot be used to cheat.

In France, Lexilens® can be used at school and during exams. We invite you to check with the local authorities in your country. Please feel free to contact for additional information regarding this topic.

On average, size S fits most children, size M fits most teenagers and size L fits adults.

But everyone is different, so please take into account your head size when ordering. You can refer to the information below for more specific measurements.


Warranty and return policy

Lexilens® is warranted agains manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. For more info, please visit our warranty policy page.


How to use Lexilens® ?

At first use, please follow these 8 steps :

  1. Install the Lexilens® App on App Store or Google Play Store and open it
  2. Charge Lexilens® battery with the USB-C cable
  3. Settle yourself in a quiet and well-lit environment with natural light
  4. Switch on your Lexilens® with a single press on the right-side button of your Lexilens.
  5. Hold down your Lexilens® right-side button until LED blue light appears to activate Bluetooth®
  6. Click on “connection” to connect your glasses to your smartphone
  7. Adjust Lexilens® speed and balance to make it easier for you to read
  8. You’re all set ! You can now deactivate Bluetooth®. Your settings have been saved in your Lexilens® glasses.

For following uses : just switch on your Lexilens® and you’re ready to read.

The Lexilens® app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.
To download the Lexilens® app, click on one of both link below, following your smartphone type :


You can download a detailed user manual here.

Adjusting Lexilens® settings at first use is highly recommended. You will need a smartphone for this operation.

Please follow instructions on the detailed user manual here or on the short video “User Guide Lexilens®“.


A smartphone is required only at first use to adjust your Lexilens® settings.
Your settings are automatically saved into your Lexilens® glasses.
Once you’re satisfied with your settings, just disconnect your glasses and you’re done.
You do not need a smartphone to use Lexilens® on a daily basis.
We recommend that you keep the app installed on your smartphone as we push Lexilens® firmware updates from time to time so that you benefit from our latest scientific discoveries.

Lexilens® glasses can be worn for any reading activity. However, we recommend taking a break every hour.

Short term benefits come instantaneously (easier reading with less fatigue) while other benefits appear after some weeks (increased memorization, higher focus, writing etc)

25 hours 

Lexilens® works with a rechargeable battery following the same principle as your smartphone.

The autonomy of Lexilens® is approximately 25 hours of continuous use.

The full recharge time of Lexilens® is 5 hours.



Cleaning Lexilens® should be done using the provided Lexilens cloth (dry).
Please refrain from using water or detergent when cleaning your Lexilens®glasses, in particular the lenses. We put every effort in making the lenses resistant but detergents contain corrosive materials that may damage your Lexilens®.