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1 – In accordance with the provisions concerning the right to image, name, voice, elements of personality, and any related neighboring rights and copyright, I authorize the company ABEYE to record, reproduce, and publicly share the video or images or texts created by me or/and my child and transmitted to the company ABEYE thanks to the Testimonial website.
To this end, I expressly accept that photos/videos/texts involving me or/and my family be formatted, including undergoing cuts, edits, and adjustments required by the imperatives of free adaptation and the technical and artistic objectives of film and photo production, while respecting my rights of personality.

2 – The photos and/or videos and /or texts may be exploited, either directly by ABEYE or by ATOL SA, or indirectly by any third party authorized by them (broadcaster, distributor), in any form and on any known or unknown media, worldwide, for the entire duration of copyright and neighboring rights, including any possible extensions that could be made to this duration, in whole or in part, together and/or separately, through any mode of exploitation, including but not limited to:

    • The right of reproduction, representation, and adaptation of the film through broadcasting (terrestrial, digital, cable, satellite), and more generally through any existing or future mode of exploitation of audiovisual works.
    • The right of reproduction, representation, and adaptation of the film in the form of multimedia and/or electronic editions on interactive or non-interactive media, and through all networks allowing the transmission of data, images, and/or sounds internally and externally (including broadcasting, digital networks, interactive or non-interactive digital services, the Internet, websites, telecommunications networks, etc.), mobile telephony.
    • The right of reproduction, representation, and adaptation of the film in whole or in part and its visual and auditory elements, in graphic form (including books, magazines) and auditory form (including phonograms, radio broadcasts) and phonographic form.

My authorization is valid for a duration of 5 years from the date of signing of this authorization.

3 – ABEYE undertakes not to engage in any use of the images that could harm reputation, and also agrees not to use the images and/or sounds, either together or separately, in any medium of a pornographic, racist, xenophobic nature, or any other harmful exploitation.

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